EAS Solutions for Supervisors

EAS partners with the management of our business clients to create custom solutions that maximize the health and vitality of your employees…. and your business. Supervisors and HR Staff can access a variety of educational and counseling services through the EAS employee assistance program. These services include:

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Supervisory Trainings
EAS provides supervisors and managers with seminars on how to best utilize your EAP by offering customized trainings to help identify and deal with troubled employees. These workshops provide instruction for supervisors on how to effectively use and make referrals to the EAP.

EAP Standards and Professional Guidelines

Alcohol Cost Calculator

Employee Assistance Prgram Association

Department of Labor Drug Free Workplace

Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace

Mandatory Employee Referrals/Supervisory Issues
EAS works cooperatively with HR staff and supervisors to assist in the mandatory referral process concerning work related and personal issues that impact an employee’s work performance.EAS makes every effort to assist the employee in resolving the presenting problem using our Solution Focused, Brief Treatment Model. When additional treatment is clinically indicated, EAS will refer the employee to appropriate community resources, follow the employee through the recommended course of treatment, and report back to the supervisor on their progress in a timely manner. In the case of a mandatory referral, EAS continues working with the employee and supervisor until an acceptable resolution is achieved.
Employee Trainings
EAS can help employees with a variety of wellness issues through educational presentations on prevention and identification of common mental health and substance abuse issues. These training workshops cover topics such as: "Dealing with Difficult People", "Caring for an Aging Parent", "Using Humor to Cope with Stress" and "Assertive Communication". These employee wellness benefits are often well received by staff and can provide opportunities for good morale and team building.

Drug Free Workplace
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, millions of Americans use illicit drugs and nearly 75 percent of these users are employed. Companies that have implemented drug free workplace programs achieve dramatic benefits such as decreased absenteeism, a declining number of accidents, and increased productivity. For those organizations regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), we offer Drug Free Workplace and DOT compliance consultation and training program.

The EAS Drug Free Workplace program:

  • Helps your business create a drug free policy and introduces it to your employees.
  • Conducts drug and alcohol prevention and awareness programs for your employees.
  • Trains supervisors in substance abuse issues and their role in a drug free workplace.
  • Provides treatment alternatives for any employees with substance abuse problems.

Critical Incident Debriefing
Most employers have a crisis plan designed to respond to emergency events, but these plans often focus only on the physical aspects of emergencies such as employee safety and disaster recovery. Far fewer employers have a crisis plan to help them deal with the psychological or emotional trauma that an emergency can create. Yet if your workforce is traumatized, the weakened morale, motivation and mental health of your entire organization can cripple your business. Emergency events can include an industrial accident, the death of colleague, a workplace assault, a theft or robbery, or even a national threat or disaster. EAS help our business clients develop a plan to provide an immediate response should an emergency event occur.

EAS can be an integral part of your crisis response team by:

  • Securing qualified professionals to provide worksite based post traumatic stress debriefings (PTSD)
  • Providing counseling and support services for affected employees
  • Providing supervisory training programs in trauma response, leadership and best practices in trauma response management
  • Providing workplace violence awareness and prevention programs for your employees and supervisors


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