EAS Solutions for Employers
EAS Solutions for Employees
Key Advantages of Employee Assistance Services 

Why Do Smart Businesses Have Employee Assistance Programs?

Maintaining a healthy, efficient workforce presents an
increasingly complex problem in today's business
environment. Organizations face unprecedented pressures and demands from increasing competition to heavier workloads and longer hours. Leaders in business and labor have recognized the benefits of workplace programs designed to identify and intervene with personal problems that negatively affect performance. Both employer and employee benefit from a progressive approach that keeps your most valuable resource – employees – on the job.

Primary Goal of an EAP

  • help employees resolve personal issues before they affect quality of work
  • anticipate needs early and prevent more serious and costly problems such as illness, absenteeism and accidents
  • decrease costs of worker's compensation, health insurance, lost productivity, low morale and turnover
  • assist managers in identifying and resolving difficult staff problems and provide strategies for performance analysis and improvement

Consider These Alarming Facts

  • Employees with drug and alcohol problems cost U.S. corporations an estimated $120 billion per year.
  • Managers spend up to 20% of their time resolving disputes and dealing with problem employees.
  • Employees who experience serious personal problems have up to 16 times more absenteeism, four times more on and off the job accidents, and account for three and half times more health benefit claims than other workers.
  • More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies have an EAP.
  • A recent 20 year study concluded that unmanaged stress was a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or a high-fat diet. Stress is said to be responsible for more than 23 million workdays missed annually.

EAP Standards and Professional Guidelines

Alcohol Cost Calculator

Employee Assistance Prgram Association

Department of Labor Drug Free Workplace

Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace

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EAS Solutions for Employers
EAS provides solutions that help employers enhance organizational health. These solutions are targeted towards management and supervisory staff and give them tools to effectively manage difficult employee situations, know when and how to refer employees into the EAP and stay abreast of current human asset management issues.

Work Group Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • helps resolve conflicts and disagreements and provides a positive work environment
  • facilitates conflict resolution done on-site or at EAS for work groups, team members or supervisors
Executive Consulting
  • enhances effectiveness of your leadership team and increases their impact on the overall wellbeing of the company
  • personal, one-on-one consulting for upper management employees with support on topics such as empowering and motivating employees, performance appraisal strategies, conflict resolution, and more
Supervisory EAP Training
  • helps promote EAS internally to ensure maximum results from your EAP program instruction for supervisors on effectively using the employee assistance program and on making appropriate employee referrals to the EAP
Seminars and In-Service Presentations
  • provides supervisors with additional education for addressing current issues related to employees and the work environment
  • seminar and presentation topics include Downsizing and Layoffs, Drug Free Workplace, Team Building & Morale, etc.; or EAS will develop customized programs to meet your company's specific needs
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • emergency counseling services on location for employees who experience a crisis event on the job
  • reduces the negative impact of a trauma on your employees, and accelerates the return to day-to-day operations
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EAS Solutions for Employees
The Employee Assistance Services EAP provides employees and their family members with a confidential resource for resolving personal, family and work related concerns before they become crises that affect health, morale and job performance.

Assessments and Referrals
  • EAS counselors meet with employees or family members experiencing personal difficulties to assess their situation and recommend options
  • provides employees with information, referrals and available community resources that address their specific issues
EAS can help employees with issues related to:
  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Education
  • Family/Children
  • Marital/Relationship
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Work-Related Difficulties
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse
  • Disability Management
  • Eating Disorders
  • Elder Care
  • Grief/Bereavement
  • Job/Career
  • Pain Management
  • Stressors (financial, legal, health)  
  • Anxiety
  • Child Care
Seminars and Presentations
  • provides employees with educational presentations on prevention and identification of mental health and substance abuse issues
  • keeps employees informed about EAP benefits and provides information on how to access EAS services
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  • EAS is the largest and most comprehensive employee assistance program in Collier County serving local and national clients.
  • EAS offers services to both employees and family members.
  • EAS is Confidential.
  • EAS offers a solution focused approach to counseling – encouraging clients to get help before a problem escalates to a crisis and providing pro-active prevention efforts.
  • EAS is offered at NO CHARGE to the employee or their immediate family members.
  • EAS customizes programs to meet the individual needs of each company.
  • EAS works closely with Human Resource Departments offering objective input on how to deal with troubled employees and allowing HR an opportunity to offer rehabilitation in lieu of termination. If it is necessary to terminate an employee, HR may first utilize EAS and document the facts.
  • EAS fulfills the requirement of having an employee assistance program as part of a Drug Free Workplace Policy.
  • EAS is under the umbrella of the David Lawrence Center, Collier County’s community mental health and substance abuse treatment facility, and can utilize their services in a timely manner if necessary.
  • EAS is located in a private, confidential office setting
  • EAS is often utilized by individuals who would not otherwise go to counseling, thus removing the stigma about asking for help.
  • EAS has 90% voluntary referrals, with many clients returning to deal with future problems.
  • EAS is often suggested to co-workers by fellow employees.
  • EAS offers trainings, consultations, and critical incident debriefings.
  • EAS is cost effective.
  • EAS offers Spanish speaking counselors and programs when necessary
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